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Personal Tax Return
Preparation & Planning

Gift and Estate
Planning & Preparation

Business Tax Return Preparation & Planning



Services Include:

  • Plan the tax consequences of financial activities
  • Tax filings annually, quarterly, etc.
  • Ensure compliance with tax laws
  • Represent clients in IRS and state tax audits
  • Guide the development of policies and procedures to improve business controls
  • Assistance in setting up and working with QuickBooks

Real Results:

  • I have successfully represented clients in tax examinations.
  • A client was in the process of retiring from a closely-held business. As part of the retirement process, his stock in the company was going to be redeemed on an installments sale method.  At the time, the capital gain rate was lower and there was no Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT).  I looked at the cost in taxes over the installment period, and it increased substantially over time because of the change in rates, etc. I suggested accelerating for reporting purposes all of the income into the current year, thus avoiding the increased rates and the NIIT.  The client saved over $100k in taxes as a result.
  • I advised a corporate client on how to minimize overall global taxes by using special tax elections.
  • I developed and implemented systems of internal controls for several clients in different types of businesses, and  made recommendations for the overall improvement in business processes and controls.

Time Zones Don't Scare Me!

With all the ways to communicate these days, where you are matters even less.  Yes, I am physically located in Chapala, Mexico, a small quaint village about 30 miles south of Guadalajara. But I still have clients in over 25 states and on four continents. All of my data is securely encrypted and your information is always kept safe. I promise personal, timely service whether it’s in person or via email, phone, fax, Skype, etc.

Want to File Your Own Taxes?

I know many of you like to do your own tax returns. Click the image below for a great option for you. It’s at a very low price and you get both a federal return and one state return. As always, please contact me if you have questions.