Posted July 2015

Well no one normally does, yet it does happen. We lost a few friends who were in their 30s and didn’t die from accidents or other tragic events. Just health issues that consumed them.

Do you have a will? “Oh no, I don’t need one. We don’t have much in assets.” So let me ask a different question … do you want your family to fight over what you have? If you have young children, who should be watching over them?

What about an advanced health directive? Do you want to be on life support if there is no possibility of recovery?

None of us want to think about these things. Yet we all should.

A CPA can work with your estate/trust attorney to help in the planning for the events we all hope are far off in the future. But being prepared may give you, and those you love, some peace of mind.

Let me know if you want to discuss this, or need the name of some qualified estate and trust attorneys.