Posted June 2015

IRS is working hard to minimize Identity Theft.

Recently I participated in a helpful IRS webinar They reiterated that taxpayers in Florida, Georgia and DC can apply for an Identity Protection PIN (IPPIN) without first receiving notice of ID theft because these locations have the most fake tax returns filed.

Scammers have called almost 400,000 people threatening IRS collection activities. Remember that IRS will NEVER send an e-mail, will not call or initiate other communications without first having sent official paper mail via the USPS.

And the MOST DANGEROUS THING … The criminals somehow have found out your personal information … the last 4 digits of your SSN, questions that might only be answered from your credit report, etc. DON’T BELIEVE THEM!!

Years ago, we didn’t think about identity theft. Because our information wasn’t that available. And what was a thief going to do with it?

Now, ID theft provides a way for thieves to steal without using a gun, facing their victim, or even leaving the comfort of their home.

Again, be vigilant, monitor your credit. And keep your shredding device handy.

CPAs can help you if you think you are a victim. Contact me or your CPA if you need assistance.