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Testimonials / Case Studies

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mark for well over 30 years, both professionally and personally. There is no person more capable than Mark to handle any Accounting, Financial or Taxation issue that you or your company may encounter.

Trustworthy, Competent, Resourceful, Invested, Results Driven and Proactive are just a few adjectives that describe an experienced individual dedicated to his profession and your total satisfaction. Mark is the ultimate "Customer Value Proposition" (CVP) to your bottom line success.”

                                                                                    Andrew Moderski, Controller
                                                                                    Oakley Country Club,
                                                                                    Watertown, MA

Mark has been my accountant for both my personal returns as well as my business needs for many years. He guided me through establishing a corporation, all the federal and state reporting requirements, as well as the basic accounting needs I needed to run the business. He always provides clear and understandable advice based on his extensive knowledge of the tax laws. Not only is he a great accountant, he is also a great friend.

Robert Fineman, President

RJF Consulting

Outstanding doesn't begin to cover the experience you will get with Mark.

As amazing as Mark is as a CPA, he equals that and then some as a person – caring, compassionate and extremely committed.

Whether you are a small business owner like myself, a large business owner, an individual, or somewhere in between, you cannot match Mark's ability, knowledge, and genuine honesty with another accountant. No way, no how.

He has single-handedly as much as anyone, helped me traverse the scary world of small business ownership with his advice and guidance. He has made me a better business owner and a better fiscal individual (maybe I just coined that term). 

Again, I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you will be ecstatic you have someone like him on your side.

Dave Dreyfus
Founder, EveryDog LLC


Case Studies

I was called in to consult with a small manufacturing concern. They had no idea how much cash they had to spend because their computer system was not being run properly and the system just issued payments regardless of fund availability.

I first voided all the old checks. I then installed QuickBooks for them and entered all the transactions by exporting from the old system and importing into QuickBooks. The old system was shut down, the accounts (including credit cards used) were reconciled. Thereafter, the client knew how much they had in cash and started paying bills properly and according to terms.

One ExPat (a US citizen that lives abroad) had depended upon her foreign citizen husband for the filing of all taxes, foreign and US.  When he passed away in 2002, she did not attend to the US matters — until IRS came knocking on her door.  Working with them, explaining the situation, and gathering the information to complete the filing of 10 years of tax returns, we ensured that all filings were brought up to date and arranged for  all penalties to be waived or abated.  Oh, and no jail time for nonfiling. 

Another ExPat living in another country had thought her CPA had been taking care of the filings.  WRONG!  And IRS came knocking. We helped file the returns. All penalties were waived or abated, and even some refunds were obtained.


If you have had a good experience using Mark Gulko, CPA, for any tax or business consulting purposes, we welcome your input. Please let us know if we can use your name and title or if you wish to be anonymous.

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