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Everybody thinks it is best to itemize deductions. But is it?

Posted July 2015 In order to itemize, it means you must have allowable itemized deductions that exceeds the "standard" amount (or be required to use itemized if married and filing separately ... but that's a whole other...
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Planning on dying anytime soon?

Posted July 2015 Well no one normally does, yet it does happen. We lost a few friends who were in their 30s and didn't die from accidents or other tragic events. Just health issues that consumed them. Do you have a will?...
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Identity Theft: Keep Up Your Guard A CPA Can Advise You.

Posted June 2015 IRS is working hard to minimize Identity Theft. Recently I participated in a helpful IRS webinar They reiterated that taxpayers in Florida, Georgia and DC can apply for an Identity Protection PIN (IPPIN) without...
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Relax A Bit. Odds of An IRS Audit Are Slimmer than Ever. But A CPA Gives You Extra Peace of Mind Just in Case!

Posted June 2015  In the 1960s, the letter that most males dreaded getting was from the draft board. The letters started with "Greetings" but brought anything BUT good news. Today, and as was the case back then, the...
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Paying your taxes Part 2

Posted May 2015 What do taxes and hockey have in common? You may be subject to penalties and you may be able to block that shot. Continuing from Friday's post, I was asked how do you know how much is enough to send in via...
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