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What’s all the fuss about taxes and due dates?

Tax season officially begins on January 19, 2016.  That will be the first date that IRS will accept returns for the 2015 tax year.  That means that there will be just over 3 months to get those returns and extensions filed. But...
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Not everyone needs to worry about taxes

Published December 2015   Okay, maybe that seems simplistic.  It was meant as a hook to get you to read the rest of this post.  Because at this time of the year, I am seeing Facebook posts, e-mails, etc., all...
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You really need to watch over things in your life

  Published September 2015 Now that sounds obvious, but if you think of it, there are many things that we just take at face value without checking up on them. One of the things we often do not do is actually look at...
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There is great insecurity when applying for Social Security

Published August 2015 Perhaps that is because there are too many choices. Should you file as soon as you can, at age 62, or wait until age 70? Do you collect off your spouse's coverage or collect on your own? According to statistics...
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How long do you need to save tax records?

Posted July 2015 Perhaps one of the most repeatedly asked questions of accountants (just ahead of "Why is my neighbor paying less in taxes than I am when we both are the same?").  So I will try to address it...
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